Advising Dutch bank in the development of a portfolio finance project in the amount of US$160 million granted to a Brazilian seeds producer.

Advising European Development Bank in a debt restructuring case in Brazil.

Advising German bank in a US$90 million loan to a Brazilian port operator.

Advising German company in suits for damages due to breach of construction contract.

Advising German company of the energy sector in a domestic arbitration proceeding.

Advising group of German companies in the automotive sector in product liability cases filed by consumers.

Advising German client of the automotive sector in an international arbitration proceeding managed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Advising Norwegian bank in a US$488 million loan to a foreign company for the construction of oil drilling vessels.

Advising Swedish company from the life and sciences sector in several disputes in Brazil.

Advising UK oil and gas company in internal investigations.

Advising UK client in the purchase of a 30% equity stake in a iron-ore mining company.